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Multiple Functions for the Professional
The S2, EZVIZ's latest 2018 action camera with an all new-design, has a skin-like coating and premium feel. Switches seamlessly between two modes to always ensure great performance.

Top-Notch Performance
The S2 offers 1080p FHD video, maximum 60fps high-speed recording and a 150° ultra-wide viewing angle. A camera that strikes the perfect balance between picture quality and power consumption.

Easy Switching Between Two Modes
The S2 handles your various needs by seamlessly switching to the right camera mode. (Action Camera Mode/Dash Camera Mode)

Emergency Recording
The built-in G-sensor monitors the status of your car in real-time. In the event of a collision, the captured footage will not be recorded over or deleted.

Intuitive Touch Screen
2-inch 320*240 HD IPS touch screen makes it simple and easy to view videos and images. The IPS display also delivers stunning picture quality.

Stay Flexible with Built-In Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
The S2 readily integrates with mobile apps and controllers for your convenience. Easily preview, control and share your images and videos via the EZVIZ SPORTS app.

>>Model Parameters
- CS-SP206-B0-68WFBS

Video Format    
- Resolution: 1080P NTSC (fps):24/30/48/60 PAL (fps): 24/25/48/50 
- FOV:Wide/Medium/Narrow; Resolution: 720P NTSC (fps):30/60/120 PAL (fps): 25/50/120 
- FOV:Wide/Medium/Narrow; H.264 BP/MP/HP Level 5.1 With MP4 Muxer File Format
Record Mode    
- Video, Video+Photo
Low Light    
- Auto-adjusts frame rate for enough exposure time
Distortion Correction    
- Better X/Y Correction
HiLight Tag    
- Highlight important times, used for post-processing
Split Mode    
- Set the length of a video clip
- White Balance; ISO; Sharpness; EV Comp; Color Pattern
Loop Mode    
- To set up the storage mode according to the time interval set

>>Single Photo
Image Size    
- 8MP; 4MP; 2MP
- 2s; 5s; 10s; 15s; 20s (auto-adjusts for exposure target)
Distortion Correction    
- Better X/Y Correction
Meter Mode    
- Center, Average, Spot
- White Balance, ISO, Sharpness, EV Comp, Color Pattern

Image Size    
- 8MP; 4MP; 2MP
Burst Rate    
- 15 frames per second; 15 frames 2 second; 15 frames 3 second; 10 frames per second; 10 frames 2 second; 10 frames 3 second; 5 frames per second (default); 3 frames per second
Distortion Correction    
- Better X/Y Correction
Meter Mode    
- Center, Average, Spot
- White Balance; ISO; Sharpness; EV Comp; Color Pattern

Shutter Mode    
- Time-lapse Photo, Time-lapse Video
Image Size    
- 8MP; 4MP; 2MP
Video Resolution    
- 1080P, 720P
Shutter Interval    
- 1s;3s;5s;10s;30s;60s;120s;300s
Meter Mode    
- Center, Average, Spot
- 2s, 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s
Distortion Correction    
- Better X/Y Correction
- White Balance; ISO; Sharpness; EV Comp; Color Pattern

- Up, Down
Default Mode    
- Video, Single, Burst, Time-lapse
Driving Mode    
- The camera automatically starts recording after it detects the motion
Video-Out Mode    
- HDMI HD output/AV analog output
- Set it on or off
- Turn screen display on or off
Quick Capture    
- Minimum time to turn on and engage the shutter: 2s
Auto Off    
- Set Auto Power Off Time
Date And Time    
- Set Date And Time
Mic Gain    
- Set the Gain of Mic
Speaker Gain    
- Set the Gain of Speaker
Camera Reset    
- Resets camera to default settings

BLE 4.0    
- Built-in Bluetooth 4.0
- 802.11b/g/n, Mobile App Support
App & Remote    
- Select connect mode with the EZVIZ Sports app Or Wi-Fi remote
- Supports SSID modification via the EZVIZ Sports app
- Supports key modification via the EZVIZ Sports app
- Reset SSID and KEY to system default

- Playback/Record UI
- AV output uses USB port
Embedded LCD    
- 320x240 (2 inch) IPS LCD with touch panel

- NC96160 (custom HIKVISION chip)
- DDR3, SPI Flash
- 150° Ultra-wide angle of view with less distortion
- HDR Support, G-Sensor
Battery Type    
- Embedded
Battery Life    
- 2 hours in 1080p 60fps mode (varies according to video mode)
- 48kHz (sampling); Advanced AGC (automatic gain control); Built-in single microphone; Single track
- Micro USB2.0; Media playback/file transfer/charging when connecting to a PC; AV output; Micro HDMI; MicroSD

- Class 10 or up to UHS-1 level Micro SD storage card
Capacity (Auto-Negotiati on SDIO Clk From 24MHZ to 120MHZ)    
- 8GB; 16GB; 32GB; 4GB; 128GB
Recording Time    
- Varies with different resolutions and frame rates

>>Photo & Video Preview & Playback Setup
App for Mobile Device    
- For iOS and Android system
- Live view, playback, recording, configuration, video file editing, and one-touch share to social media are supported
- Decodes photo and video files in SD Card and displays it via LCD or HDTV


DrivePro 10
Featuring a compact, minimalist design, Transcend's DrivePro 10 dashcam comes equipped with the STARVIS™ high-sensitivity image sensor to capture high-resolution images with extremely fine tonal gradation even in low light; a 140° wide angle lens offering the best coverage of the road; up to 1080P Full HD recording at 60fps to capture every crucial detail; Wi-Fi connectivity for live monitoring on your smart gadgets; and emergency recording for optimum protection.

Vision in the dark
- The DrivePro 10 features the STARVIS™ image sensor to capture sharp, high-resolution images in superb, rich color even in low light, making it perfect for filming during both day and night. It is equipped with a 140° wide-angle lens, providing a broad field of view.
* Note: STARVIS is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

Compact and discreet
- The DrivePro 10 comes in a compact, discreet design that allows it to be flexibly mounted on your front or rear windshield. Being able to easily hide behind the rearview mirror out of sight, the DrivePro 10 offers the driver an unobstructed view of the road ahead or behind.

Get super smooth, detail-packed footage
- Supporting 1080P Full HD recording at 60fps, the DrivePro 10 will give you footage as smooth as butter. Shooting at 60fps means you can zoom in on any shot and easily make out crucial details, such as license plates.

Wi-Fi connectivity
- The DrivePro 10 features Wi-Fi connectivity that works with the exclusive DrivePro App to provide real-time footage playback and downloads. This means ease of access to video evidence for reporting incidents to law enforcement and insurance companies without the need to remove the memory card.

Built-in battery
- In the event of a power outage, the built-in Li-Polymer battery can temporarily supply power to the DrivePro dashcam until the files being recorded are safely stored, so to prevent losing crucial images due to file damage.

Format-free technology
- The DrivePro 10 comes bundled with a Transcend memory card built of high-quality NAND flash tested under harsh environmental conditions. In addition, the dashcam utilizes the latest format-free technology to reduce memory card errors, obviating the need for frequent formatting.
* Note: Depending on the actual usage and condition of the memory card, users may still format the card regularly to obtain the best recording performance.

Emergency recording
- Prevents overwriting of the file being recorded at the time when the G-sensor detects an impact.

Wide Dynamic Range
- Balances the light and dark areas of captured images, ensuring that every critical shot is as clear as possible.

- 58.3 mm x 36 mm x 28.6 mm 
- 40 g 

USB Type    
- micro USB to car lighter adapter
Connection Interface    
- USB 2.0
Wi-Fi Protocol    
- 802.11n

- 32GB microSD card included

Viewing Angle    
- 140° (diagonal)
- F/2.0

Operating Environment
Operating Temperature    
- -20°C (-4°F) ~ 60°C (140°F)
Input Voltage    
- 12V ~ 24V
Output Voltage    
- 5V / 2A

- Full HD 1080P
Frame Rate    
- 60/30 fps
Video Format    
- MP4 (H.264)

Package Contents    
- Full unit/32GB microSD memory card/Car mount/Car lighter adapter/Quick Start Guide

System Requirement
Operating System    
- Microsoft Windows 7
- Microsoft Windows 8
- Microsoft Windows 10
- OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 or later
- Linux Kernel 2.6.38 or later

Memory Card Supported    
- 16 GB/32 GB/64 GB/128 GB/256 GB